Hanwha Precision Machinery Launches Tech Center in Germany

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Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas, formerly Samsung C&T Automation, announces that Hanwha Precision Machinery has launched an integrated tech center for Europe in Germany named the Hanwha Europe Technical Center to accelerate its global expansion. Responsible for manufacturing Hanwha’s machinery, Hanwha Precision Machinery will use the new tech center as the base for big-scale projects in Europe and to attract new clients. The center will provide technology and service befitting the global standards expected of it, according to Hanwha Precision Machinery.

“This venture will help support global key accounts on a local level,” commented Jonny Nichols, Director of Sales & Marketing, North America, Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas. “New business development is paramount in 2020, and this is the first European venture by a Korean precision machinery firm in the division of industrial mechatronics for advanced PCB assembly applicationsthat’s a big step toward global penetration.”

The Hanwha Europe Technical Center is a two-story building with an area of 711 square meters. The space is fitted with a training area, office and meeting room, as well as a display area for the 10 main products of Hanwha Precision Machinery, such as the company’s flagship product chip mounter, collaborative robot and assembly automation equipment.

Hanwha Precision Machinery anticipates an additional revenue spike of $32.8 million in the European market through the new tech center launch. The company vowed to grow its European market to account for over 15% of its total revenue.

For more information on Hanwha, please visit www.hanwhaprecisionmachinery.com.



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