BlueRing Stencils and Stone Mountain Tool Agree to Acquisition

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BlueRing Stencils is excited to announce the acquisition of Stone Mountain Tool. Stone Mountain Tool is recognized as an industry leader with over 35 years’ experience of supplying tooling for electronic manufacturers. BlueRing Stencils is excited for the opportunity to provide customers with a wide range of tooling products such as wave solder pallets, conformal coating fixtures, surface mount carriers, and much more. By combining laser and machining technologies, along with world-class design and engineering teams, BlueRing Stencils now offers more high-quality solutions at various steps of the electronic assembly process.

Fred Cox, BlueRing Stencils President says, “I am pleased to announce that Stone Mountain Tool is now part of BlueRing Stencils. This addition will bring access to tooling for pallets, fixtures and other machined parts to all BRS customers. Stone Mountain Tool has a strong reputation for technology and high quality in the SMT tooling field. These qualities are a perfect match for the BRS “way.” We are excited to be able to fill this need in the industry.”

David Duke, Stone Mountain Tool President says, “We’re excited to become part of BlueRing Stencils. Their commitment to customer service and quality seamlessly complements the mission of Stone Mountain Tool.”

BlueRing Stencils is always committed to improvement and growth! Check out their News & Events page ( to discover their influence in the industry. They strive to bring better products with greater value to their customers. Be on the lookout for updates from BlueRing Stencils.



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