ASYMTEK Elevates the Excellence of Electronics with Advanced Dispensing, Coating, and Software Solutions at IPC APEX EXPO

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ASYMTEK, a part of Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS—a global leader in electronics manufacturing technologies, brings its latest fluid dispensing and conformal coating solutions to IPC APEX EXPO, San Diego, CA, in booth 1611. New at IPC APEX EXPO is the ASYMTEK Vortik™ family of progressive cavity pumps (PCP), with the smallest depositions possible on the market today. The VPs, VPm, and VPg pumps rely on positive displacement to provide continuous needle dispensing of one- and two-component fluids with high-volumetric accuracy, increased reliability, and reduced cycle time. At 0.2 microliters per second, the Vortik VPs offers the lowest flowrate and smallest depositions possible across all PCP pumps available in the market todaydelivering precise control of narrow lines and small shots for two-component mixed fluids.

Another ASYMTEK first at IPC APEX EXPO is Vortik's Advanced Calibration Assist with patent-pending ARC™ Technology that ensures high volumetric dispense accuracy for one- and two-component applications. Software-based ARC Technology takes the guesswork out of application setup. With ARC Technology, you can quickly determine optimal settings, such as mix ratios, without manual calculations or time-consuming test iterations.

Also shown for the first time in the USA is the ASYMTEK Qadence™ Closed-Loop Flow Control System in ASYMTEK EasyCoat® 6 software. The Qadence system maintains a stable flow rate by volume for high-quality conformal coating results by automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch variation. The Qadence system lets you quickly calculate a target flow rate and set process limits with an EasyCoat control routine called the Flow Calculator (patent pending). With the Flow Calculator, a typical 1-hour setup can be completed in 30 minutes and a 30-minute setup in less than 10 minutes.

On display will be the ASYMTEK Panorama™ C-Line for advanced process control in conformal coating. Panorama C-Line components fit seamlessly together to deliver a complete, turnkey solution for coating and curing, with closed-loop controls and data to fuel continuous process improvement. The C-Line will feature a fully integrated ASYMTEK Select Coat® SL-940 with a triple-valve configuration and an ASYMTEK FX-940 Automated Coating Inspection system. Visit the booth to experience a 360° virtual reality tour trip of the Panorama conformal coating line.

Additional products on display will include:

The ASYMTEK Forte™ Series dispensing platform with Forte MAX™ dual-head, real-time skew correction. The new precision dispensing platform includes a dual-simultaneous dispense head with two high-frequency ASYMTEK IntelliJet® Jetting Systems that dispense at the same time to further boost UPH and quality outcomes. The system reduces dispense time by half and automatically adjusts for workpiece and individual component rotational skew.

The ASYMTEK Quantum® in-line and batch system which delivers uncompromising quality, value, and productivity for demanding fluid dispensing applications. The system will feature the Vortik VPm progressive cavity pump for bonding, sealing, encapsulation, and potting applications.

The ASYMTEK Helios® SD-960 Series featuring a two-component thermal interface material application and a new dual-drawer configuration that's ideal for batch manufacturing. Dual drawers allow the first substrate to be dispensed while a second is loaded.

The DIMA C-Turn Flux automates flux dispensing in combination with automated hot bar reflow soldering. It is the ideal solution for LCD solder attach, wire solder attach, and connector and component solder attach applications.

"For 35+ years ASYMTEK has focused on possibilities, continually innovating as technology and electronics evolve," said Peter Bierhuis, president, Nordson ASYMTEK products. "By focusing on what's possible, we bring more to our customers through innovative solutions, customization, application expertise, and award-winning global support. We hope attendees will visit us at booth 1611 to discuss how our solutions can enable their innovations."

IPC APEX EXPO is being held at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA from February 4-6, 2020. For more information visit our website at


Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, USA, ASYMTEK has taken the lead for 35+ years to advance fluid dispensing, conformal coating, and jetting technologies. As part of the Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS brand, we focus on immediate and long-term possibilities, continuously innovating as technology and electronics applications evolve. By focusing on what's possible, we bring more to our customers through innovative solutions, customization, applications expertise, and award-winning global support. Visit us at www. or @nordsonasymtek on social media.



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