Vitronics Soltec Introduces 3D-Printed Twin-Nozzle for ZEVA Point-to-Point Selective Soldering

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 ITW EAE, the Electronic Assembly Equipment division of ITW is introducing an innovative new twin-nozzle developed by the Vitronics Soltec team for the ZEVA Selective Soldering System. The 3D-Twin-Nozzle™ has two nozzle diameters combined in one nozzle.

In point-to-point soldering multiple solder pots are typically used, with a different nozzle size for each pot. Fine-pitch components require a small nozzle while a larger nozzle is needed to solder double row components in a single drag and for larger components. In combination with rotation of the solder pot and tilting of the conveyor, the 3D-Twin-Nozzle™ makes it possible to solder a board with fine pitch and multiple row connectors without stopping for tooling changes. Software defines by recipe how the board is tilted and what the rotation angle of the solder pot should be using the selected nozzle.

This patent-pending design is only feasible with the design freedom of 3D metal printing technology. Integrated between the two nozzles is a Solder Drainage Conditioner (SDC) which blows hot nitrogen to prevent bridging. The nozzle is 3D printed out of stainless steel and is then hard chromized. This combination of metal and treatment prevents the nozzle from wear and makes it maintenance free. Different from wettable nozzles this nozzle doesn’t oxidize and has an infinitely long service life.

The 3D-Twin-Nozzle will be shown at IPC APEX EXPO, February 4−6, 2020 in San Diego. Vitronics Soltec will also showcase the improved performance of the ZEVAm+ Selective Soldering system with live demonstrations every hour. The ZEVAm+ excels at fine pitch soldering with its ability to solder at an angle and the innovative SDC debridging tool.


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