Hentec Industries/RPS Automation to attend 2020 IPC APEX EXPO

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Hentec Industries (formally RPS Automation), a manufacturer in high precision soldering and lead tinning equipment, will be attending the 2020 IPC APEX Expo in San Diego from February 4rd-6th. This year’s display will showcase some of Hentec’s best selling selective soldering and lead tinning machines, along with the unveiling of a brand new selective soldering machine.

After months of collaboration and development, Hentec Industries is excited to debut the new Valence Selective Soldering Machine at the IPC APEX EXPO tradeshow this year. Representing months of engineering refinement and innovation, the Valence will be on display to showcase its low maintenance, customizable, and highly configurable stations. For over 25+ years Hentec has stood apart in the industry for providing high quality soldering, low maintenance machinery, and long lasting durability. This year is no different, with the addition of the Valence Selective Soldering Machine.

Also included at the Hentec booth will be the Vector 460 and 600 Selective Soldering machinery, along with the Odyssey LX and 925 Lead Tinning machines. Using the proprietary Gaussian MiniWave nozzles design, Servo motors, low consumables, and exceptional training and service, Hentec Industries has continued to be a leader in the selective soldering and lead tinning market.



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