IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Attendees Speak: Joel Scutchfield

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Joel Scutchfield, director of sales for the Americas for Koh Young

Kelly Dack: Joel, what are your reactions to the show this year?

Joel Scutchfield: Based on traffic and attendance, we have had a great week. We had 40+ more scans than what we did last year at this point, and we’re waiting for the final tally today. We’re expecting to have 80–100 more booth visitors than last year, and we had a good year last year, too, so that tells me that things are happening. A lot of the traffic has been very high quality. People are planning to invest and do things within the year, which tells me that the industry is growing, and that’s what we want. The economy is still strong.

Dack: Have you had a chance to walk the floor very much?

Scutchfield: I’ll spend the next couple of hours wandering around and looking at things. We hear a lot of ongoing smart fabrication and Industry 4.0 discussions. Some of the interviews I’ve been involved with surrounded that, along with the future of manufacturing in the U.S. in general. Each year, there’s more connectivity between the partners and systems. CFX is playing a part in that, but that seems to be the common thing as an aggregate specific to inspection through the whole inspection, which seems to be on the forefront. Conformal coding inspection is something that a lot of people are interested in, as well.

To read this original interview, which appeared in Show & Tell Magazine, click here.


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