Bright Machines Introduces Microfactory-as-a-Service

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Today, Bright Machines™ made it easier for manufacturers of all sizes to procure and deploy next-generation factory automation with the introduction of Bright Machines Select. Bright Machines Select is a new microfactory-as-a-service model which brings all of the benefits of Software-Defined Manufacturing to manufacturers without the upfront costs associated with traditional automation equipment purchasing. With simplified financial evaluation, budgeting and contracts, Bright Machines Select also removes friction and streamlines the purchasing process for manufacturers looking to deploy intelligent automation to improve their lines.


Bright Machines Select offers a cost-effective path for manufacturers looking to reap the benefits of Bright Machines’ software-defined microfactories without incurring capital expenses. Bright Machines Microfactories, introduced in June 2019, combine adaptive robots, machine learning and computer vision to provide a modern, software-defined approach to assembly automation. The economics of Bright Machines Select now allows companies who are challenged by constraints in the labor market to meet production demands using market-leading automation at a cost that is comparable to using human operators.

“At Bright Machines, our goal is to democratize how products get manufactured so that eventually, anyone, anywhere can get something made efficiently and cost effectively,” said Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines. “While some manufacturers prefer the traditional model of buying expensive hardware, Bright Machines Select offers a more inclusive service which combines hardware and intelligent software without high capital costs, putting factory automation within the reach of even more manufacturers.”

Bright Machines Select

In addition to simplifying the automation procurement process, Bright Machines Select enables manufacturers to solve labor shortage issues, gain predictable output and scale production both flexibly and affordably. Additional benefits include:

  • Lower cost, lower risk: Lower upfront financial commitment than traditional automation deployment so that manufacturers can fund factory lines with OpEx, not CapEx. Assembly lines can be seamlessly managed and reconfigured to meet new business or market demands. Additionally, manufacturers can choose to renew, redeploy or return their microfactory after its initial term is complete.
  • More capacity: At a cost that is comparative to hiring human labor, deployed microfactories optimize the current workforce, doubling or tripling the capacity of existing factory staff so that manufacturers don’t need to scale up a workforce.
  • Faster time to market: Through streamlined purchasing and streamlined deployment manufacturers get products to market faster.

Bright Machines Select, available immediately, comes with the standard components of a Bright Machines Microfactory including Brightware™ for configuration and data monitoring of the microfactory, one or more Bright Robotic Cells, standard material feeding and transport systems, and support.

About Bright Machines

Bright Machines helps companies manufacture more products, at a higher-quality and lower cost. The company’s software and robotic cells intelligently automates product assembly and inspection, helping solve the capacity needs and labor challenges of modern factories. With more than 500 employees worldwide, Bright Machines is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Seattle and Tel-Aviv. Visit



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