IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Attendees Speak: Victor Mendez

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Victor Mendez, test engineer with Sigmatron International

Andy Shaughnessy: Tell me a little bit about your background.

Victor Mendez: My company is from Tijuana, and we do electronics sales services.

Shaughnessy: What’s your impression of the show so far?

Mendez: I’ve seen a lot of new technology that could solve a lot of problems regarding handling and manual soldering. We have a lot of features with parts that are sometimes wrong when the operators load the incorrect part number. We have seen some equipment that scans the bar codes and part numbers to ensure that it is the correct one, as well as make measurements before mounting the components onto the board. We have systems to prevent those kinds of issues, but with this technology, it would be a lot easier, and we could do a lot more production in less time.

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