Electrolube’s New Thermal Gap Fillers Prove a Success for Multiple Applications

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Electrolube has launched a new range of thermal gap fillers that provide a highly effective heat transfer solution for many different applications. The new gap filler range includes the GF300 and GF400 products. Both of these thermal interface materials are two part, liquid silicone-based fillers, which provide excellent thermal performance of 3.0 W/m.K (GF300) and 4.0 W/m.K (GF400). Both products reduce the risk of air pockets forming by effectively filling the entire heatsink, making GF300 and GF400 ideal for applications where the gap is non-uniform such as between multiple components and a collective heatsink/case.

Using a simple 1:1 mix ratio in either 50ml or 400ml cartridges, for hand or machine application, GF300 and GF400 are applied in a soft flexible 'putty' that can be easily moulded around different shaped housings with low stress on components. Following application, the gap fillers can be cured at room temperature or accelerated with heat. Both gap fillers provide a wide operating temperature range between -50 to +200°C and have low viscosity to enable easier dispensing. After curing, GF300 and GF400 form a low modulus elastomer, preventing the pump-out phenomenon of the thermal interface layer from the bond line and ensuring minimal degradation of heat dissipation. Both gap fillers are also UL approved with the UL94 V-0 flame retardancy rating and are RoHS compliant.

Since launching the thermal gap filler range, Electrolube is experiencing increasing demand from a wide variety of customers with varying applications. Typically, thermal gap fillers are widely used in touch screen and mobile applications but the vast versatility of these new interface materials is meeting the demands for so many more varied and diverse applications. General areas of use include consumer electronics, printed circuit board assembly, housing electronic components discretely, Telecoms applications such as data centre servers and fiber optic equipment, lighting and LEDs applications, power electronics, and ECU’s and HEV/ NEV batteries in automotive electronics.

However, more recently, Electrolube has seen demand for GF300 and GF400 surge for very specific application requirements. Examples of these include engine and transmission control modules (controlling actuators on an internal combustion engine for optimal performance), memory modules for PCs and laptops, power conversion equipment for applications such as chargers, power grid, solar panels and wind turbines, semi-conductors, microprocessors/graphic processors and MOFSET arrays with common heat sinks, such as field effect transistors.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “Since we first launched the GF400 at productronica in November last year, we have expanded the range further and have been staggered at the response from such a cross section of customers. Enquiries for the thermal gap fillers have been diverse in their application requirements and we are delighted with their capacity to successfully meet these demands as well as their rising popularity. With their excellent all-round capabilities and exceptional performance, GF300 and GF400 are extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of applications.“

About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is a leading manufacturer of specialist chemicals for electronics, automotive and consumer/industrial manufacturing. Core product groups include conformal coatings, contact lubricants, thermal management materials, cleaning solutions, encapsulation resins and maintenance and service aids.

The extensive range of electro-chemicals at Electrolube enables the company to offer a ‘complete solution’ to leading manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices, at all levels of the production process. Through collaboration and research, the company is continually developing new and environmentally friendly products for customers around the world and their commitment to developing ‘greener’ products has been endorsed by the ISO 14001 standard for the highly efficient Environmental Management System in place at the company.

Winners of the Queen’s award for Enterprise 2016, Electrolube has key manufacturing facilities in the UK, China and India, and is represented in over 55 countries with an established network of subsidiaries and distributors. By offering genuine security of scale and a reliable supply chain, the company is able to deliver a truly tailored, responsive service.



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