PVA Continues to Provide Critical Solutions to Medical Manufacturers in the Fight Against COVID-19

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PVA, a global supplier of robotic manufacturing and dispensing equipment servicing the electronics, medical device, telecommunications, semiconductor, and defense industries, has created a low-cost mixing dispensing system to help manufacturers in producing more hand sanitizer.

PVA has more than 25 years’ experience in factory automation and management of liquid materials. Its expertise and ability to produce all products on-site made it easy for leadership to decide they wanted to help any way they can. Tony Hynes, PVA founder, lives by an essential principal instilled in him by his mother, “Your greatest shame should come from having had the opportunity to help someone and not having done it.”

PVA has been providing automated solutions to manufacturers providing COVID-19 testing kits. It wants to do more in the global fight against COVID-19 and is skilled and prepared to do so.

PVA has offered to be of service to New York State or third-party entities with the following products and services: • Liquid hand sanitizer manufacturing equipment • Ventilators • COVID-19 test kit robotic dispensers • Sheet metal fabrication and welding • CNC machined parts • 3D printed medical devices • Mechanical product assembly • Electronic assembly

PVA is committed to help in this global pandemic. PVA is capable of working on any project needing sheet metal, 3D printing, and/or mechanical assembly with a wide range of applications and materials. Its team is vigorously working on solutions to help with the shortage of ventilators, valves and other medical equipment.

Together we win.



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