IPTE Statement on COVID-19

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IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, is still open for businesseven in the challenging situation under COVID-19 the IPTE service hotline is open 24/7. Thus, IPTE Smart Support and After Sale Services remain available at all times. Furthermore, IPTE’s contingency plans are regularly being reviewed and the company and its business units are strictly following the latest health authority and government advice to reduce risk for its employees and customers.

IPTE is taking all steps to ensure that every business unit is still able to provide the best possible service to its customers. For the best possible support the IPTE service hotline is open at all times 24/7, which means that the IPTE remote service remains availablefor every customer, every time. Moreover, the entire IPTE sales team is available to answer all requests.

Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus, the IPTE service hotline may also provide personal service assignments of IPTE service on customers’ sites, if such assignments are still allowed by the respective local authorities. However, if it is not allowed to appear in person, IPTE supports its customers intensively with either the new IPTE Smart Support app or remote maintenance systems such as TeamViewer: the IPTE Smart Support app only requires the customers’ smartphone or tablet, while downloading the app takes only one minute. Otherwise an IPTE service team member could also log in to the respective machines at any time via remote maintenance systems.



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