Sono-Tek is Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

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Sono-Tek Corporation, the leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic coating systems, today announced that it has joined the fight against COVID-19 in several ways.

Sono-Tek is proud to be producing coating technology and systems that are being used in the fight against COVID-19. As an essential New York business, we can assist companies and researchers to offer unique capabilities in the areas of disinfecting and testing development, which are critical areas in what has become a war against an unseen enemy. 

Sono-Tek has provided the medical industry with coating systems used in lifesaving procedures for decades. We are well versed with the rigors and demands of manufacturing implantable medical devices, medical testing, and surgical equipment. To that end, we have the experience and expertise needed to provide repeatable, reliable coatings of antimicrobials, drug coatings, and various thin films for testing purposes, among dozens of other medical coating applications. 

We take customer confidentiality extremely seriously and as a result, cannot disclose detailed information regarding our COVID-related coating solutions. However, several of our recent projects have included coating systems that are currently in use by our customers to make COVID-19 testing systems.

Sono-Tek has reached out to state authorities to offer our expertise in building systems that can quickly spray masks or other items, if called upon.  We are eager to work with research institutions, laboratories, and others to create an effective protocol of decontamination using hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectants.  

Sono-Tek is committed to helping in this fight in any way we can. We believe that our technology may offer significant help in saving lives and preventing the further spread of COVID-19.



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