New Website Dedicated to SMT Squeegee Blades

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Transition Automation, Inc. today announces the launch of a new website dedicated exclusively to SMT squeegee products. The new site at gives end users several benefits when shopping for squeegee products. First and foremost, the site is built with modern security protocols and is hosted on duplicate servers internationally so users will experience speed and reliability. Secondly, the site logically groups over 500 squeegee selections and further provides additional options such as squeegee length and customization of each order.

The site automatically reformats depending on whether it is accessed via Mobile Phone, Tablet, or Computer. The new web site is photocentric to enable easy matching with customer OEM parts to ensure correct selection. The new web site has a comprehensive site-wide search feature which will quickly list all the products available for a certain printer model—just by entering that printer’s manufacturer in the search field.

Transition Automation Permalex® squeegee blades and holder systems are designed for high-performance longevity for mission-critical electronics production. These products are used worldwide for aerospace, automotive, communications, industrial control, government and satellite systems. Transition Automation, Inc. enhances electronics manufacturing production yield and efficiency by reducing machine interruption while maintaining high-performance output for lengthy production cycles. Transition Automation strives for production consistency between orders and across various machine platforms and squeegee styles.



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