Protocols Perfected to Produce Key Ventilator Parts Enables ESCATEC to Resume Normal Production of Other Products

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During the global COVID-19 lockdown, only essential items were permitted to be manufactured in Malaysia such as ventilator and respirator parts. ESCATEC makes these in its medical manufacturing facility in Penang and worked closely with the Malaysian authorities to implement working protocols to enable these vital items to continue to be produced during the recent Movement Control Order and “lock-down.”

ESCATEC’s stringent implementation of hygiene and social distancing measures, which preceded government mandated requirements, has meant that it is one of the first manufacturing companies in Malaysia to be allowed to resume normal operations of non-essential products as lockdown measures ease.

“Having common working procedures and protocols for both our medical and non-medical manufacturing facilities meant that we could rapidly receive approval to re-open production of non-medical devices,” said Group Managing Director, Markus Walther.

These challenging times have shown the importance of well managed supply chains, he went on to explain. “We have always maintained extremely good relationships with our suppliers and this has now really paid dividends. Throughout the crisis, we have been in regular contact with all parts of our supply chains to keep them informed so that they were ready to support us when we resumed full production. This enables up to provide precise status information to our customers on their orders, which is unusual in these uncertain times.” 

An aspect of uncertainty for customers of manufactured goods as products start shipping again has been the China/US trade war, that has meant that items made in China have been targeted with import duties. Strong compliance understanding enabled ESCATEC’s export team in Malaysia to prepare Certificates of Origin to ensure that there is no interruption to shipments or unnecessary tariff costs.



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