Precision Assembly Technologies, Inc. Uses Essemtec FOX System to Solve Component Failure Issue by Bringing Assembly In-house

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Precision Assembly Technologies, Inc. (P.A.T.), based in Bohemia, NY, was seeking a system that could dispense specific solder beads within a component and place the die into position within a housing. The Essemtec FOX2 multi-function combined pick-and-place and dispensing system provided the solution. The new FOX2 combines jetting/dispensing, 2.5D placement, electrical testing, inventory control and traceability in a single machine.

P.A.T. had been purchasing a pre-manufactured component for an assembly that they were contracted to perform for GE Aerospace. The component was a silicon die within a housing that had a failure rate of approximately 20 percent upon receipt and yielded only 50 percent after potting and final testing of the assembly. PAT was absorbing the cost of the failed part but was frustrated by the high failure rate and concerned about the possibility of post-assembly failures in the field.

Thomas Gulotta, President of P.A.T., believed the best way to solve the failure issue was to bring the production of the component in-house and have complete control of the process.

The assembly of the stacked device was something that the Essemtec FOX2 was uniquely suited for with the ability to perform the two solder paste dispensing functions as well as the placement of the die in the housing. After deciding to bring the assembly in-house with the installation and implementation of the Essemtec FOX2 system, P.A.T. was able to gain total control of the assembly process.

Mr. Gulotta stated, “The addition of the Essemtec Fox2 allowed us to produce 500 components per day with less than a 1% failure rate all on a sophisticated but easy to use platform. The dispensing of the solder beads and placement of the die are now handled by the Fox2 and we are extremely happy with the results.”

Precision Assembly Technologies is an AS9100 certified aerospace and defence contract manufacturer, specializing in full cutting-edge turnkey electronic manufacturing solutions. While supporting global industry leaders in the aerospace and defence sector, P.A.T. focuses on partnering with its customers to meet their quality, technology and service initiatives.



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