REDCOM EMS Partners with Rochester Institute of Technology’s Image Permanence Institute

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REDCOM EMS has been selected by Rochester Institute of Technology’s Image Permanence Institute (IPI) to provide calibration, troubleshooting, and repair services for IPI’s PEM2® Dataloggers. In the initial two-year contract period, REDCOM EMS will also serve as the call center for PEM2 technical support, and provide materials management and shipping services.

IPI is a university-based research center in Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Art and Design. IPI supports the preservation of cultural heritage collections in libraries, archives, and museums around the world. The highly accurate PEM2 datalogger collects and stores temperature and humidity data that is easily uploaded for analysis via USB flash drive.

REDCOM EMS was chosen as the PEM2 service provider after collaborating with another local business on a related request for proposals. Through interactions with IPI during that process, REDCOM EMS emerged as an experienced and trusted supplier acutely familiar with industry requirements.

This partnership allows REDCOM EMS to position itself as a resource for datalogger testing, calibration, and troubleshooting, as well as a trusted customer service center.

REDCOM EMS Project Manager, MaryAnn Gates, looks forward to working with a group like RIT’s IPI. “We are truly excited to be partnering with IPI as a provider for the maintenance, service, and upkeep of the PEM2 dataloggers. In a world where everything is disposable, it is a pleasure to be working with a company that understands the value of global heritage and helps to maintain and preserve it. The staff at IPI are wonderful to work with and we look forward to serving their customers.”

IPI Director of Operations, Lisa Cerra, is equally excited about the partnership. “The REDCOM EMS team is experienced, professional, and clearly committed to delivering exceptional service to PEM2 customers. IPI is happy to be collaborating with this first-rate organization in support of the important work museums, libraries, and other institutions are doing to preserve the world’s cultural heritage collections.”



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