A Change of Face From Ability Tec to Active EMS

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Ability Tec recently announced a move to a brand-new facility to enhance their electronics manufacturing service provisions (EMS) and now they have announced their intentions to move forward with a new brand – Active EMS.

As the UK came to a standstill during the lockdown, Manchester based Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS) company ‘Ability Tec’ has not stood still.  Instead the company has embraced this time, seeing it as an opportunity to invest in its brand, marketing, communications and sales enablement strategies.

Simon Broomhead, Operations Director at Active EMS, discussed this investment,“We wanted to move away from our Ability Tec brand, as quite simply, we had outgrown it.  When the company started, we wanted to be known in the market for our quality manufacturing services, but also for our equality for all business ethics.  Whilst these morals still form the backbone of our company, we’ve grown at an unprecedented rate, which has taken us into some exciting new electronics markets and technology industries."

He went on to state, "As such, we wanted to invest in our brand to bring the company not only up to date, but also to futureproof it for the long-term.  We are confident that we have done this.  The name ‘active’ was arrived it as this encompasses who and what we are. We often express during our meetings how we are in ‘active pursuit of a hard to locate component part’, or how we are ‘active in the industry’ or how we ‘actively go above and beyond for our customers’, so it was natural for this to become an integrated part of our brand name. 

To cement our term ‘active’ we often use the “Manchester Worker Bee’ within our company presentations to prospects and customers.  This not only fixes our strategic location in the minds of our audience, but also represents our company culture and symbolises our resilience, reliability and responsibility as a symbol of industry.

Taking this a step further, we have introduced a company mantra; ‘Never Stop Making’ which has been a bit of a power statement that we’ve used for some time to embrace that fact, that we never stop going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and we never will.

We are delighted with our new brand identity and you can see this come to life in our new website www.active-ems.co.uk  We have advanced in several communication channels online and offline, designed to simplify the way we do business with our customers, whilst we continue to innovate.

Our facility move and our brand identity development come at a special time for Active EMS.  We are committed to the UK electronics manufacturing industry, in particular within the Manchester region.  We are large enough to be able to take part in these kinds of initiatives, yet small and flexible enough to accommodate varying customer requirements. These investments highlight our continued commitment to be in our market and to serve our market with a simplified supply chain, which is safe and secure for all.”



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