Kimball Electronics Announces Internal Promotions, Executive Retirements

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Kimball Electronics, Inc., announced two new internal promotions conducive to the Company accelerating its strategic growth plans.

Effective July 1, 2020, Steve Korn has been promoted to the newly-created position of President of Global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Operations, and Lee Kemper has been promoted to the newly-created position of Vice President of Diversified Contract Manufacturing Services (DCMS).

“I’m excited about these appointments. Both are proven leaders and are the right people to execute our EMS and DCMS growth plans,” said Donald D. Charron, Chairman and CEO, Kimball Electronics. “Steve has been instrumental in helping us exceed our goal of $1 billion in sales and driving operational excellence; and as General Manager, Lee has done a great job integrating and transforming our Kimball Electronics Indianapolis operations.”

Korn, who joined Kimball Electronics in 2004, was most recently the Vice President of North American Operations and Global Supply Chain. He has over 30 years of EMS experience, holding executive positions with increasing levels of leadership and responsibility in operations management, business development, and engineering management. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Korn, as leader of EMS, will continue to work closely with the Company’s business development team, led by Kathy Thomson, Vice President, Global Business Development and Design Services, to continue to grow business.

Kemper joined Kimball Electronics in 2018 and was most recently the General Manager for the Company’s Kimball Electronics Indianapolis facility. Prior to joining Kimball Electronics, he was the President of iScribeMD in Toledo, Ohio. He has over 20 years of manufacturing, operations, and supply chain experience. He has a business administration degree from the University of Saint Francis (Indiana) and an MBA from the University of Toledo.

In the past two years, Kemper has been important to the Company’s DCMS efforts to establish strategic inroads by developing innovative plastic injection molding solutions and complex device assembly for medical customers.

Prior to these changes, the Company maintained a regionalized approach to the leadership structure of global EMS manufacturing facilities. Korn served as Vice President of North American Operations; Roger Chang (Chang Shang Yu) served as Vice President of Asian Operations; and Janusz Kasprzyk served as Vice President of European Operations.

Both Chang and Kasprzyk have announced plans to retire after many years with the Company, effective June 30, 2020.

Kasprzyk joined the Company as Operations Manager 20 years ago. He was appointed General Manager of the Kimball Electronics Poland facility in 2005 and then Vice President, European Operations in 2014.

Chang joined the Company 16 years ago as Director of China Initiatives. He became Vice President, Asian Operations in 2005.

“Both Roger and Janusz have been long-standing employees for us and helped grow our business in their respective geographical regions. They have made significant accomplishments throughout their careers, and we will be forever thankful to them for helping us achieve lasting relationships and global success. We wish them good health, happiness, and further success as they enter their new life chapters. They are deserving of the added time they can now spend with their families and pursuing other personal endeavors,” said Charron.

Korn, in his new role, will serve as the single executive leader for all EMS locations. The current General Managers for EMS operations in Asia, Europe, and North America, will report directly to Korn.

Said Charron, “With Steve as our EMS leader, we expect to optimize and grow our EMS business, which continues to be our core business. There are other things we expect to occur as a result of this change, too. We plan to create more focus and acceleration around our common vision for the smart factory of the future and our industry 4.0 strategy. Bringing our EMS facilities under one leader is an important step in our journey, and it’s the right time to take that step.”

Continued Charron, “These leadership promotions further exemplify how we have grown into being a multifaceted, global Company. What I’m also excited about is how this change will help us cultivate talent to create a deeper pool of future leaders who will ensure that our Company stays successful. This will help put our best organization in place and take our Company to the next level of performance and growth.”



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