Jaroslav Neuhauser Promoted to General Manager of Saki Europe

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Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, announces the promotion of Jaroslav Neuhauser to General Manager of Saki Europe GmbH (Saki EU).

Jaroslav Neuhauser has taken over the role of General Manager of Saki EU from Eddie Ichiyama, who has relocated to Asia to head up the company’s regional headquarters in Singapore. Mr Neuhauser resumes responsibility for all sales, application support and operations in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). He will be building upon and strengthening cooperation with distributors in each country to meet the diverse needs of customers from a wide range of industries.

Mr Neuhauser, who is known in the industry as Jarda, joined Saki EU in 2007 and has seen the regional office grow from strength to strength through hard work, a loyal team and highest standards of service. He has been a key contributor to the growth and success of Saki in Europe, firmly establishing the company as one of the top brands for 3D inspection products in the region.

Based at the company’s new regional headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, Mr Neuhauser recently inaugurated a brand-new 650m2 Solution Center which showcases the capabilities of Saki's latest lineup of diverse equipment and inspection solutions and offers a comprehensive training program for customers.

Under Mr Neuhauser’s leadership and in close cooperation with the company’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Saki EU will continue to be an important and major R&D base for Saki’s advanced software development.

“I have seen first-hand Jarda's impact on Saki's success and am confident that he will lead the European team to continue to deliver the seamless, world-class service and support to clients and partners that they have come to expect”, said Masahide Iino, Director and Head of Sales at Saki Corporation HQ.

Mr. Neuhauser commented: “I am excited to be taking over the role of General Manager of Saki EU from Eddie Ichiyama who has been instrumental in driving Saki’s success in the EMEA region based on innovation, close distributor cooperation and a strong commitment to our customers. I look forward to building upon his legacy by continuing to work with a fantastic team towards further strengthening Saki’s reputation for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our many customers.”


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