Austin American Technology Welcomes New Director of Business Development

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Austin American Technology (AAT) is pleased to welcome Justin Cody Worden as its new Director of Business Development. In his new role, Worden will oversee the Sales & Marketing Divisions while working closely with AAT’s North American product representatives and distributors.

Specializing in the implementation of modern resources to provide more value to his clients, Worden has joined Austin American Technology with more than a decade of experience working alongside business owners and executives throughout numerous industries.

Worden’s business philosophies all revolve around building relationships. “The relationship is one of the most important parts of business. When you enjoy the people you are working with, providing the value that helps them accomplish their goals becomes much easier.” He accredits this thought process to both his Midwest upbringing and the mentors he was introduced to early on in his career.

Outside of work, Worden can be found spending time with his young family or participating in some activity clinging on to what athleticism he has left over from his youth. “I have played sports my entire life. The football field is where I learned to compete, my dad was my Coach.  It’s what molded my work ethic and I have no plans to ever give that up.”

Worden is accessible on most social media platforms as well as by email and phone. Connect with him today to learn exactly how Austin American Technology can maximize your company’s performance and minimize the cost of doing business.



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