Inovaxe Smart Material Handling Solutions' Use Case Video Released

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Inovaxe, a provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, is pleased to announce that its new Smart Material Handling Solutions Use Case Video has been released.

The new video demonstrates an ultra-lean material handling process powered by Inovaxe. These solutions from Inovaxe provide significant reductions in material handling time, storage space and human errors while increasing inventory accuracy and OEE.

“We believe this is going to be a game changer because it will give customers a full picture of what we offer in five minutes,” stated Margy Khoshnood, VP Sales at Inovaxe.

The video outlines a complete intelligent material handling process, including receiving, kitting and production, and return to stock. It also demonstrates integration with the MODI Incoming Goods Scanner and X-ray counters.

The MODI Incoming Goods Scanner allows users to automatically inspect and generate labels for incoming packages. Integration between MODI and Inovaxe provides immense benefits to customers by eliminating receiving errors and reducing the labor required for inspecting, labeling, and storing received material.

The video can be viewed at



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