Partnertec Acquires Stencil Manufacturer ASM Benelux

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Partnertec acquired all activities from ASM Assembly Systems Benelux on 1 August 2020. This acquisition means that Partnertec is now the only supplier in the Benelux that can offer complete production lines of machines and consumables for the SMT industry, including screens and stencils.

Missing link

Ever since its incorporation in 2004, Partnertec has acquired the exclusive representation of top-class brands in SMT production machines, including all necessary tooling and consumables such as solder paste, coatings and cleaning products. However, there was still one missing link in our programme: screens and stencils. To date, they were manufactured by our colleagues of ASM Assembly Systems in the Benelux. It has always been Partnertec’s ambition to add the in-house manufacture of stencils in the Benelux to our unique product portfolio of global market leaders. The exceptional growth of our company in the last four years has helped us to now realise this acquisition.

Total solution provider

The acquisition of ASM Benelux means that we can offer our customers even more added value. Because we can now offer the complete package, including screens and stencils, we can provide a full-service solution in terms of setting up and servicing your total SMT production process. Partnertec has now become a total solution provider, which is unique in our industry in the Benelux.

Everything stays the same

Marc van der Veer and his ASM team were already in the same building in Oirschot as Partnertec. They will now be added to Partnertec, and bring along their many years of expertise and stencil manufacture. For our customers this means that the trusted contacts remain the same, as well as the good service you are used to from them. Actually, the only real change is the logo on the stationery. But this is very significant, because from now on Partnertec can take care of all your requirements.



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