CheckSum Selected for PCBA Test by Mirac

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CheckSum’s 12KN test system was recently selected to be the ICT platform at Mirac in Lynchburg, Ohio. Ed Carter, President and COO, chose CheckSum from his previous experience at Ayrshire Electronics and Keytronic.

Mirac has been providing world-class electronics manufacturing and development services that consistently exceed customer expectations since 1992. With a focus on competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and Quality, Mirac works hard to build long term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations.  CheckSum was a good fit to add to the services Mirac offers as they excel at providing competitively priced test equipment while helping Mirac exceed our customer’s expectations.

"I I turned to CheckSum first when looking for an ICT vendor, based on my great experiences with their equipment at other manufacturers”, says Ed.  It has been a while since I worked with them and I was happy to see how they’ve continued to innovate in the test arena while still maintaining an excellent value for the price.”

With thousands of test systems installed globally, CheckSum is relied on by major electronics manufactures to deliver value by reducing test times with parallel test systems that combine in-circuit test, in-system programming and functional test.



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