AQS, Inc. Honors Two Employees for 15 Years of Service

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AQS, Inc., a state-of-the-art EMS provider located in Silicon Valley, is pleased to announce that it recognized two employees at its Fremont facility for 15 years of service. Manual Rodriguez and Maribel Arrez were presented with one week of additional paid vacation and Bento-Boxes were provided to all employees. Their names were added to a plaque that is displayed in the company’s lobby in recognition of this milestone.

Manuel Rodriguez joined AQS in May 2005. As the company’s leader of wave soldering & PCBA cleaning, he is responsible for managing wave solder profiling and machine maintenance as well as the removal of flux residues on the boards.

Maribel Arrez, a member of AQS’ production line staff at the PTH loading station, started with the company in September 2005. Arrez is responsible for ensuring that all PTH parts are loaded correctly.

AQS has been one of the most highly respected electronics manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley for more than 28 years, featuring state-of-the-art EMS technologies. 



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