Austin American Inventory Surplus Sale on Mega Series Solvent Batch Cleaners

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Austin American Technology (AAT) is offering existing and new customers large discounts on all Mega ION® and Mega SA solvent batch cleaners due to a surplus of inventory. The machines are all ready for immediate delivery.

These discounts on both the Mega ION® and Mega SA solvent batch cleaners mean that you can own the most versatile batch cleaners available today for a fraction of the cost.  These machines use several different solvents, perform ROSE tests, and are the ideal replacements for TCE & nPB vapor degreasers.

Many users of these systems are utilizing the machines as a way to keep their products and employees safer during COVID-19. The machines can be used as a parts & tool sanitizer: if it can get wet, it can be sanitized by the Mega ION®.

Whether your employees handle parts and tools that need to be thoroughly cleaned between shifts, or you work in the medical industry and rely on a sterile environment, the Mega ION® can kill germs on anything that can get wet.

The Mega ION® is compatible with multiple solvents including but not limited to DI water, water alcohol mixtures, pure alcohol, evaporative hydrocarbons (like cyclohexane) commercial solvent blends not requiring a water rinse.

Most configurations for the Mega ION® and Mega SA can be shipped within two weeks. Please contact AAT to discuss the discounts available and the correct configuration for your process.



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