Dymax Corporation Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Over the past 40 years, Dymax Corporation has built a tradition of excellence providing manufacturers with adhesive chemistry and equipment solutions for a variety of applications within the medical device, automotive, electronics, and aerospace and defense industries worldwide.

The family owned and operated company was founded in 1980 by Andrew G. Bachmann and is headquartered in Torrington, CT., USA. Before the company was established, Andy Bachmann had an idea to develop a line of fast-curing adhesives that enabled manufacturers to quickly assemble their components, while reducing harmful solvents into the environment. That initial inspiration led to the creation of advanced light-cure technologies that the company specializes in today. Since the company's inception in 1980, Dymax has evolved into a leading manufacturer of high-performance light-cure adhesives, dispensing systems, and light-curing equipment for industrial manufacturing around the world.

Dymax differentiates itself from other manufacturers by designing complete system solutions, offering not only chemistry and equipment that work seamlessly together, but by providing technical assistance throughout the life of the assembly process. The company works collaboratively with their customers to help develop customized bonding solutions to meet their unique and demanding manufacturing requirements.

Over the years, the company has utilized its scientific expertise to create cutting-edge technologies that have changed the landscape of the adhesive industry. Some of these revolutionary innovations include Encompass® technology, which combines Dymax See Cure and Ultra-Red® innovations into one seamless product allowing manufacturers to visually confirm adhesive placement and complete cure and perform easy quality inspection, and Dymax SpeedMask® resins, temporary maskants that protect components during surface finishing processes and replace labor-intensive wax, lacquer, and tape masking methods.

Today, Dymax Corporation is a leading manufacturer of adhesive formulations and equipment for OEMs. The company has facilities in eight global regions, a worldwide network of sales partners, owns 30+ patents, and employs over 430 people. Dymax is ISO 9001 certified, assuring consistent quality and rigorous attention to maintaining high standards of performance. Their mission remains to make their customers more efficient and capable by providing them with environmentally friendly technology.

Director and Chairman of Dymax Corporation, Greg Bachmann, reflected on the 40th anniversary saying, “It has been a long journey since my parents Andrew and Clai Bachmann started Dymax from our home in Harwinton, Connecticut. We had an office within our home, where our dining room used to be, and we rented a garage in the south end of Torrington.

From humble beginnings, the company has expanded globally in eight locations throughout US, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, China, and Korea. This is a remarkable achievement for Dymax, and we are thankful to all of our employees, sales partners, and customers as without their support, the organization could not have gone that extra mile.”

As Dymax looks to the future and its continued excellence in service and product development, the company intends to retain its highly personalized approach to solving their customers' most challenging applications. Like the manufacturers they serve, the company's primary focus will continue to revolve around the fundamentals of quality, integrity, open communication, and the highest degree of personal service.



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