Seica Inc. Added as New GATE Partner for GOEPEL electronic

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GOEPEL electronic extends its strategic partnership program GATE (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts) in the North American market by adding the US-based company Seica Inc. as a new member. Focus of the cooperation will be the development and practical implementation of Embedded JTAG Solutions, as well as enhancements in local support and the integration of GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG / Boundary Scan hardware and software components into Seica’s systems.

“It’s a pleasure welcoming the well established and recognized Test Systems department of Seica Inc. as a new member of our local GATE team.” says David Whetstone, Director of North American Sales at GOEPEL Electronics LLC. “With the individual advantages of both companies we provide our customers with wide ranging technologies and services that assure maximum test coverage, resulting in an increase in product quality and reduction of test time and expenses.”

Seica Inc., based in Haverhill, MA, USA was incorporated into the GATE™ program as “Selected Member”. In addition to the integration of GOEPEL electronic’s hardware and software platforms in their test systems, Seica will provide and run customized seminars and trainings.  David Sigillo, Vice President of Seica Inc says, “We look forward to this already well established partnership, with our ability to provide local and national test services along with GOEPEL’s many innovative and world-class test solutions both standalone and integrated into many of Seica’s products we feel strongly our customers will see a tremendous upside to their test efficiencies and throughput.”



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