Absolute EMS, Inc. Provides Conformal Coating for Sensitive Applications

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Absolute EMS, Inc., a leading provider of turnkey and consignment manufacturing services, offers industrial grade conformal coating services. The company has a top-of-the-line precision Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System and uses DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Dispersion RTV Elastoplastic Conformal Coating.

David Godinez, Operations / Engineering Manager, commented: “Absolute EMS puts our customers first. This is why having conformal coating in-house is an excellent differentiator, especially for our medical, military and industrial customers. With the Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-940 Conformal equipment, we can offer precision coating applications, and eliminate additional handling, time and costs related to sending the product out to a third party. Simple, fast, accurate and high quality – That is what our customers expect and this is what we are proud to offer.”

Conformal coating is utilized for product protection in situations where PCBAs are exposed to extreme environments including heat, moisture and radical environments. Absolute EMS’ conformal coating services ensures unbeatable quality and consistency in every product for high reliability applications.

The Absolute EMS conformal coating system is capable of applying coatings with extreme accuracy and tight line definitions. Whether your boards need to be conformally coated for protection, reliability, or security, Absolute EMS has you covered.

The Nordson ASYMTEK Select Coat conformal coating system is designed to provide the highest quality and productivity for automated coating processes. The system is available in batch, in-line, and customized configurations. A variety of fluid systems and applicators increase flexibility in applying a range of fluids.



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