Real Time with…SMTAI 2020: KYZEN on How Maximized Stencil Life Improves Yields

Johnson: Product available as of?

Forsythe: The product is in the market now. It was introduced in the fall, I believe. We are in the fall. It’s the pandemic. I can’t even remember what time of year it is. My goodness.

Johnson: It’s true of us all.

Forsythe: It was introduced a bit earlier this year, and it is available. It has been in field trials and that sort of stuff for an extended period of time, but it has only been in common routine availability for the last few months. And we’re having some good success with it. We’re really excited about it.

Johnson: Great. Early customer feedback?

Forsythe: It has been very positive. They like the simplicity. They like the effectiveness and the fact that it’s a newer product, so things like health and safety and all that sort of stuff are up to the current standards. The older products were safe and totally reasonable for their day, but we live in a world where that was then, and this is now. And particularly on the health and safety side, people are always striving to hit a higher standard, and that’s what this new product helps them achieve.

Johnson: Are there any other things that we need to talk about with regard to E5631 before we wrap up, Tom?

Forsythe: It fits into the whole KYZEN portfolio of top of the line products that help meet people’s emerging needs. Our Aquanox A4727 leads the way on the aqueous cleaning side—more common for products and assemblies, both batch and conveyor. And it just fits right in there with modern state-of-the-art products that are designed after years of research and exhaustive field testing to meet people’s needs and expectations today.

Johnson: Great. Tom, thanks for taking the time virtually, from our respective offices, to have this conversation. It’s going to be the theme of the whole show, I’m sure. But I really appreciate you taking the time.

Forsythe: My pleasure. And thank you for taking the time as well. And everybody stay safe out there. But please do virtually dial into SMTAI. We’re all looking forward to it.

Johnson: For Real Time with…SMTAI, I’m Nolan Johnson. Thanks for watching.





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