National Circuit Assembly Offers Authentic Measurement and Inspection with New 3D SPI System

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National Circuit Assembly, a provider of PCB, cable and electro/mechanical manufacturing and test services to leading OEMs, has purchased and installed a PARMI HS60L 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system. With the most reliable and accurate 3D data, NCA offers reliable, accurate inspection.

“Introducing this automated SPI machine into our production lines will have a tremendous impact on our efficiency and quality control,” says Eric Nguyen, NCA VP Manufacturing. “Rather than relying on possible human error to inspect the quality of our solder paste placement, we can lower lead times and promise higher success rates across the board through a more accurate, automated process.”

PARMI’s intelligent vision algorithm applied to the high-quality 3D data detects every type of solder paste defect, which translates to zero false calls for NCA. The measurable items are height, area, volume and positional offset that deviate from tolerance limits.

The remarkable design concept of the HS60L, including rotating laser sheet beam against the scan direction and maintaining the small angle between the laser sheet beam and camera optical axis, ensures high performance, repeatability and accuracy.



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