National Circuit Assembly Acquires High-Speed Multi-Angle 3D AOI System

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National Circuit Assembly, a provider of PCB, cable and electro/mechanical manufacturing and test services to leading OEMs, is pleased to announce that it has purchased a Test Research, Inc. (TRI) TR7500 SIII 3D AOI system to add to its established range of AOI machines. TRI’s optimum 3D AOI solution delivers the fastest multi-angle PCB inspection coupled with blue-laser-based true 3D profile measurement for the highest automated optical defect symptoms coverage possible.

“Quality control is one of the most important parts of our operations and our dedication to improving this area is shown by the purchase of this new technology,” says Eric Nguyen, NCA VP Manufacturing. “Solving problems before they get out of control and being proactive are very important to us, and this AOI machine allows us to work more efficiently both in cost and time.”

Combining state-of-the-art software and a third-generation intelligent hardware platform, the TR7500 SIII 3D offers robust 3D solder and component defect inspection with high inspection coverage and easy programming. Installed in NCA’s Garland facility, the system enables the company to perform high-speed color multi-angle inspection of up to 01005 components and high defect coverage using hybrid 2D+3D inspection technology. With the purchase of this machine, each of NCA’s SMT production lines has a complete range of quality control measurements to ensure high-quality, on-time delivery to customers.



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