Mycronic Signs Important UN Statement

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Mycronic’s CEO Anders Lindqvist, together with 1,293 other CEOs from more than 100 countries, has signed a joint UN statement calling for international cooperation to be mobilized across borders, sectors and generations.

The UN is celebrating 75 years, and at a time of unprecedented disruption and global transformation, the UN Global Compact announced an initiative that unites business leaders from across the globe to realign behind the mission of the UN and assume their role in steering the world onto a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable path.

In the course of just one month, the Statement has been signed by more than 1,200 CEOs from large, medium and small enterprises in virtually every industry and more than 100 countries. The Statement is a resounding endorsement of inclusive multilateralism.

"In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and converging crises — including climate change, economic uncertainty, social inequality and rising disinformation — public and private institutions need to show they are accountable, ethical, inclusive and transparent. This is the only way to strengthen public trust and achieve a more sustainable future for all." 

UN Global Compact 

Through signing the statement we commit to:

  • demonstrating ethical leadership and good governance
  • addressing systemic inequalities and injustices through inclusive, participatory and representative decision making at all levels of our business
  • partnering with the UN, Government and civil society to ensure accountability and transparency and promote equality and respect human rights

Read the full statement for "Renewed global cooperation"



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