National Circuit Assembly, AutoMedx Developing Small, Portable Ventilator

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AutoMedx and NCA are currently working together to produce the SAVe II+ ventilator, a small and lightweight, yet powerful and durable, portable device that can be quickly and easily used by expert and non-expert medical staff during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

AutoMedx was founded by a retired military doctor, a team of three engineers, and a Harvard Business School Graduate, James Evans. The firm developed a small and simplified automated ventilator that is used to resuscitate wounded soldiers on the battlefield. The idea was to make something that could be easily deployed by medics in high-stress environments. Beyond the scope of military use, the ventilator has become increasingly more valuable to hospitals and developing countries.

The immense spread of the novel coronavirus has pushed AutoMedx from producing 1,000 ventilators in a year to 20,000 in just a few months. A reliable partner to the medical device firm of many years, NCA has proudly kept up with the increased demand from the medical device company throughout the surge in production. Due to an increase in orders by an unprecedented 2,900%, NCA has stepped up its game to deliver the necessary boards and meet production demands from AutoMedx.

“We’re going to focus on building affordable, easy use devices that can adapt to the markets in South America, Asia, and Africa,” says Evans, President and CEO of AutoMedx, when asked where he sees his company heading in the near future. “We don’t know if we are going to be giving away ventilators in the future, or, if this is going to cause other countries to realize that you have to be prepared for an event like [COVID-19].” With AutoMedx’s growth and best interest in mind, NCA will continue to support AutoMedx and work for their success.


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