Siborg Offers New Bluetooth Data Acquisition Tool for Surface Mount Technology

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A new model of the LCR-Reader-MPA offers Bluetooth connection enabling remote test data recording. The main feature of the tool is its’ LCR-MPA-BT Logger program that allows users to set specific test parameters for each component in the predefined list and then to automatically grant Pass/Fail status to the tested component.

LCR-Reader-MPA is the newest model in the LCR-Reader line of digital multimeters; this model features a 0.1% basic accuracy and wide range of features including 100 kHz test signal level, oscilloscope, AC/DC current measurement, easy open/short testing, and super cap testing to 1,000 mF. When the gold-plated tweezer probes are in contact with a component, either loose or mounted, the MPA will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters. It will then test the component with 0.1% basic accuracy and display all measured values and test settings on the display. LCR-Reader-MPA BT offers all the same functions and features as MPA while also offering Bluetooth connectivity.

The ability to test components with virtually no set-up makes component sorting much faster, but it becomes order of magnitude more efficient with the ability to automatically grant pass/fail status and record the test results into a spreadsheet. The automatic recording is the most useful for time-sensitive tasks, such as production lines and quality control. All measurement values can be exported to an Excel file for later analysis.

To use the LCR-MPA-BT Logger program, simply connect the BT dongle to PC, turn on the MPA and only then start the program and click Connect button to establish the connection. The program will show that the device is connected and is ready to make testing. The main display shows what is shown on the devices’ display: main impedance value, secondary value, signal test level, test frequency level, and equivalent circuit. This main section also allows users to change these basic test parameters right from the program; when they are clicked, a small pop-out menu shows the various settings for that parameter and enables editing.

The main feature of the program is the Pass/Fail assessment feature. Users can set custom profiles for each component in a predefined list (such as BOM); set the desired values for impedance values and test settings (frequency, signal level and circuit model) and measure components. The main display of the screen will turn red if the component does not meet the desired specifications. The values are also recorded into the rows below the main display, with the “Test” column turning red or green depending on the outcome. This is an invaluable feature for quickly sorting components for various tasks. Users can see if the component is a pass or fail with just a glimpse.

The Logger program allows for testing single components or multiple components. Single Component testing is best for testing the same type of component repeatedly. Simply set the desired values and test, pressing the space bar for each measurement to record.

The Multiple Component testing allows users to set various types of components with different desired values. This is best for setting a range of components for a full PCB. Users can name and set different values for Capacitors, Inductors and Resistors and measure accordingly by selecting the desired component from the list. Instead of recording a list of values like the Single Component testing, Multiple Component testing overrides the last measurement in the same row.



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