Real Time with...SMTAI 2020: Highlights From Day Two

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SMTA International 2020 completed the second day of the conference on Tuesday, with ongoing activity on the exhibition floor between attendees and exhibitors. Tuesday also played host to some of the live events at SMTAI.

I-Connect007’s Nolan Johnson attended the “Virtual Road Trip” themed Chapter Officers Meeting at noon CT, as well as the after-hours mixology class and social mixer.

Johnson notes that there were nearly 100 attendees at the Chapter Officers Meeting, with an agenda that included a kickoff by Rob Boguski, a start-of-term presentation by incoming SMTA president Martin Anselm, a state of the SMTA presentation, an open Q&A session, and breakout sessions for diverse workgroups, such as membership, demonstrations, events, and technical programs, among others. Administered via Zoom from within the SMTA offices, this virtual meeting ran smoothly and efficiently. There were a number of compliments from attendees on how smoothly the breakout sessions were managed as the entire group reassembled to share the results from each breakout session.

The evening social mixer was a mixology class hosted by SMTA and presented by instructors based in Charlotte, North Carolina, including Tamu Curtis and Yashira Mejia. Tamu and “Yoshi” showed the attendees how to make three cocktails: a mezcal sour, a classic Manhattan, and a gin bramble. Attendees generally made the drinks along with the instructors, showing off their takes on the drink and having a great time learning something new and getting caught up.

The virtual SMTA International Electronics Exhibition runs through September 30. If you haven’t already registered for SMTAI 2020, click here.

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