SMTA Carolinas Chapter Hosts CFX Webinar

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CFX is an electronics manufacturing industry developed standard forming the foundation and backbone of Industry 4.0 applications. It simplifies and standardizes machine to machine communication while also facilitating machine to business/business to machine solutions. CFX can simply be described as a standard providing a purpose, working components, benefits, with several applications and sustainability.

The SMTA Carolinas Chapter is hosting a ZOOM webinar on November 24, 2020 at 12:00 EST to discuss ways to leverage CFX for manufacturing success and help explain its role in the smart factory. Compared to other Machine-to-Machine communication systems, CFX is a true “plug and play” communication system, easily implemented for all manufacturers.

“If you ever wanted to learn more about CFX and how you can leverage it for manufacturing success, then this is the seminar to attend,” said Brent Fischthal SMTA Carolinas Chapter Vice-President. “Michael Ford, the Senior Director of Emerging Industry Strategy at Aegis Software will discuss the CFX standard and describe how it allows machines to communicate with other machines.” CFX can turn any factory with old or new equipment into a smart factory.

Pre-registration is required. Log-in details will be sent to all registrants 24 hours prior to the presentation.

To RSVP, visit or the SMTA Carolinas Chapter site.


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