NCA Manufactures New Personal Emergency Response System for GoFind

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National Circuit Assembly, a provider of PCB, cable and electro/mechanical manufacturing and test services to leading OEMs, is now manufacturing GoFind’s newly released Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for older adults, NudgeR. Protecting families is essential to NCA, and that’s why the company has partnered with GoFind, a company that specializes in ensuring the wellbeing of product users and their loved ones.

NCA designs and manufactures quality products to aid in the success of its partners. With global options readily available, NCA is honored to work alongside all of its partners. The team at NCA takes pride in knowing that its work will transform an innovative idea into a creative reality.

“NudgeR’s mission is to address the growing need for in-home safety and care of a growing elderly population whose members are increasingly desiring to age in place,” stated a spokesperson from GoFind. “The population in the U.S., as well as other developing countries, is rapidly aging. We saw the need for a product that allowed the elderly to age-in-place longer and provide peace of mind to their children.  We created NudgeR to go beyond the traditional medical alert device by providing not only a simple push-button SOS function, but also providing geolocation capabilities, predictive analysis for situations such as falls, and activity alerts for people who become incapacitated while alone.”

NudgeR’s design is exceptionally dense, consisting of four radios: cellular, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy. An ARM CortexM4 MCU, external memory, sensors, speaker and microphone, wireless charger and an LCD also are included in the design. With all of that equipment, the current design comes in at only 43.7mm x 50.3mm x 17.5mm.

As a company that manufactures electronic parts, we’re ecstatic to have this opportunity to take part in saving people’s lives. The relationship between GoFind and NCA’s design and manufacturing branches has been exceptional on both ends.

“The experience has been quite good, with both [NCA] and GoFind increasing their previous knowledge with designs of this type,” a spokesperson said. “At first, GoFind had [NCA] do only the electrical design. We had already contracted with someone for the housing design. In retrospect, we should have contracted with [NCA] to complete the entire process, as we ran into issues with our original designer. Returning to [NCA], we were impressed by their ability to create a design that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also more manufacturable. If we had to do it over, we would have done both designs with [NCA], as the expertise is very good, and we were impressed by the communication at the project management level. On the manufacturing side, we were impressed with their operating procedures, the control of the manufacturing line, and the quality of the finished product. They were also willing to entertain some on-the-fly changes, which helped to improve the overall product.”

The GoFind and NCA partnership manifested NudgeR into a high quality, multifunctional and elaborate device that will provide a new peace of mind for family, friends and caregivers worldwide.



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