NexLogic Technologies Adds New Clean Room to PCB, SMT and Microelectronics Assembly and Manufacturing

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NexLogic Technologies, Inc. announced the addition of a 3,000 square foot class 10,000 clean room to further expand its PCB SMT and microelectronics assembly and manufacturing operations. It augments an existing Class 10,000 clean room that’s been operational for the last few years.

The incoming large assemblage of new machines and infrastructure enhancements include wire bonders, pick and place machines, pull and shear test devices, new dispensers, and state-of-the-art optical and laser inspection tools and systems. All will be installed and operational in Q1/Q2 2021.

Zulki Khan, President and Founder of NexLogic Technologies, said, “This new clean room and its collection of cutting-edge equipment and technologies enhances NexLogic’s capabilities in the areas of chip on board, flip chip devices, fine pitch BGAs and QFNs, interposers, silicon packaging, and specialized devices such as MEMS and photonics chips. All are major technologies for the microelectronics assembly and manufacturing of such small and light wight medical products as ingestible, insertable, portable, and remote monitoring medical devices for analysis and diagnosis of different medical conditions.”    

Mr. Khan further stated, “Over the years, customers have relied on us for prototype quantities. In particular, medical electronics OEM customers, have steadily come to us for prototype quantities for their new product advancements such as portable, wearable, and ingestible devices. In these cases, however, with our new clean room expansion, we’re gearing up to make those same devices and processes into pilot runs, medium quantities, and medium-to-high scale quantities so that our medical electronics OEMs can keep their intellectual property (IP) safe in the U. S, instead of shipping it offshore.”

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