Syntronic Opens Two New Offices in Canada

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Syntronic’s expansion in the Canadian market continues. The company recently went public with plans to employ an additional nearly 200 people in the months to come and they are on the verge of opening two new offices in Canada: in Montréal and Toronto.

Syntronic is already recruiting for positions at the new locations. The plan is to attract highly skilled and competent ICT professionals who will cater to the needs of Syntronic’s increasingly large pool of North American customers in their respective regions. “By being present at more locations in Canada, we can offer our customers in the regions of Toronto and Montréal all the benefits associated with proximity, while they continue to benefit from our global offer,” says Hans Molin, president of Syntronic Research and Development Canada.

Syntronic has already signed contracts with new and existing business partners, world-leading North American multinational high-technology companies, in the new locations. In the context of new collaborations and partnerships, Syntronic has been entrusted with assignments that involve advanced wireless communication technology. 

The majority of our new customers in North America operate within the telecom and automotive sectors. “In the current social and financial climate, we are seeing an increased demand for the advanced telecom solutions that Syntronic offers. At a time when efficient, fast, and reliable communication is crucial, innovative 5G technology stands out as a useful growth strategy for many of our partners,” says Darrell Wellington, vice president of Syntronic Canada. 

The decision to expand in Montréal and Toronto is strategic. “Montréal is a vibrant and multicultural city that has some of Canada’s leading academic institutions. Our aspiration is to work in collaboration with the universities and attract promising candidates who would like to join us in developing tomorrow’s technology. Toronto has an excellent business and research climate that makes it a great fit for Syntronic,” Hans Molin comments.

In the first phase of the expansion, Syntronic’s new team members in Montréal and Toronto will work remotely. The plan is for the physical offices to open in the summer months of 2021, when the global pandemic situation is likely to have improved significantly.

Syntronic aspires to create 100 new job opportunities in Montréal and Toronto in 2021 because of the current expansion. Additional recruitment drives will take place in the years to come – in Canada as well as in Syntronic’s other offices across the world. By positioning itself even stronger on the Canadian market, Syntronic also aspires to intensify its collaborations with business partners in the US.

In addition to establishing itself in two new regions in Canada, Syntronic will continue to grow and expand in Ottawa. Currently, the team in Ottawa consists of 300 professionals who specialise in product development for market areas such as Wireless Radio, Datacenter, Automotive, Industrial, Defense, and Connected Devices. The team’s areas of expertise include RF, Digital, Embedded SW, AI, machine learning, big data analytics, UX, mobile and full-stack design. 

Syntronic Research and Development Canada is renowned for its excellent working environment. The Ottawa office has twice been voted one of the top 10 Best Places to Work in the capital region (Employees’ Choice Awards, ECA).  “Our Swedish values and way of working with a focus on employee welfare and teamwork has led to success in Ottawa that we want to extend to our new offices as well,” Hans Molin concludes.



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