I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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It’s a new year, and we’re already halfway through January. So far, so good.

Hard to believe that a year ago, I was getting ready to attend DesignCon and IPC APEX EXPO and wondering if this Novel Coronavirus was going to cut into attendance from the Pacific Rim. Now, we’re accustomed to virtual trade shows. They’re not ideal, but they’re the best we can do while meeting in person is not possible. We’ve learned to adapt.

This week, we published a variety of articles and news items on trade shows, M&A activity, and data transfer formats, among other things. These were some of the most-read articles of the last week. I hope you enjoy this week’s round-up as we head into the weekend.  

My View from CES 2021: Day 1
Published January 12

Our consumer electronics columnist Dan Feinberg has been covering the CES show for about 10 years, but this year marks his first time doing so from the comfort of his home office. As he says in his Day 1 wrap-up, “One year ago, those of us who cover and attend CES were going from one press conference to the next; this year, we are at home going from link to link.” Dan breaks down the many innovations that are being launched at CES this year. COVID can’t keep good ideas down.

IPC-DPMX Import in Upcoming Integr8tor, UcamX Releases
Published January 15

In more news from the data transfer front, Ucamco announced that it would be integrating IPC-DPMX import into the next Integr8tor and UcamX releases. Ucamco owns Gerber, still the overwhelming favorite data transfer format of PCB designers, but they also recognize that IPC-2581 is ascendant and backed by much of the industry, and they’re giving their customers what they want. Expect to hear more about data transfer standards in 2021.

Her Voice: Electronics is in My Blood—Thanks Dad
Published January 13

This week, we ran a great piece by our newest columnist, Christine Davis, founder of CAMtek. She discusses how her father inspired her to get involved in the electronics industry, and she ponders why female business owners are constantly asked, “How were you inspired to launch your own company? Who were your mentors?” Christine makes a good point. Would we ask a man those same questions?

Bruce Mahler Discusses Ohmega Technologies' Acquisition by Arcline Investment Management
Published January 13

In M&A news, Arcline Investment Management has acquired Ohmega Technologies, creators of innovative materials such as OhmegaPly. In this interview, Vice President and GM Bruce Mahler explains why the acquisition of Ohmega after 37 years in business is a win for customers and staff alike, and what the future holds for Ohmega in this new iteration.

Just Ask Heidi: Winning NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award
Published January 11

In this final installment of our “Just Ask Heidi” series, Heidi Barnes discusses the significance of her Silver Snoopy Award, which she won for her work with liquid oxygen rocket engine technology. The Silver Snoopy pin was designed by Snoopy’s creator, Charles M. Schulz, and each pin flies in space before it’s awarded to a winner. Heidi explains that she was able to meet the “Peanuts” creator after she won a Silver Snoopy.









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