Foxconn Works with UL on ‘Zero Waste Site’ Project

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Foxconn announces a new ESG project on Environment Protection with UL on January 28th. The” zero waste site” project has been kicking off at Foxconn Shenzhen Longhua site, where was once the biggest ICT manufacture site in the world. Foxconn and UL have signed a MOU to introduce the waste management system and certification service from UL. The Longhua site will become the demo site of “Zero Waste” and then duplicate to other Foxconn sites in the world.

Foxconn has self-imposed its CSR guidelines on environmental protection ahead of the industry. The new cloud system, named Turbo Waste and based on UL2799 protocol, will integrate all the waste information from different production lines in the site and provide the waste transformation rate simultaneously for continuous improving. This step will also strengthen the partnership with Foxconn’s key customers on the issue of the green supply chain management under imperative ESG responsibility in the industry.

“Honhai has transformed to be an innovator from just a follower in the environment protection arena. We will keep working with the leading-edge institutes and important customers to initiate different projects on green manufacture. The ‘Zero Waste’ site in Longhua will become the worldwide demo site for not only Foxconn but also all supplier chain in the industry. “says Ron Horng, the special assistant to President & CEO of Honhai Technology Group. 

Based on the MOU, Foxconn supplier responsibility department has also hosted the training courses on “Zero Waste” for suppliers, to assure the products from Foxconn will fit the highest standards of environment requirement.

Alberto Uggetti, the Global Senior VP of UL, says: “UL has been committed to the development of sustainable standards with its global reputation for more than a century. We are very pleased to have reached a strategic cooperation with HonHai, relying on the UL2799 zero waste landfill standard and Turbo Waste management software to help HonHai build a ‘zero waste’ site. HonHai’s experience on waste management will also lead the other companies toward the sustainability. UL's environmental and sustainability services will help manufacturers and purchasers to transform environmental protection propositions into real market advantage, produce better products and make purchasing decisions in a more environmentally friendly way.”

Upon the introduction of this system, Foxconn will set the goal toward “zero waste” based on the different manufacture processes and business entities. “90% transformation rate” will be the target to reach in the first year for assembly lines. Through this ESG efforts, HonHai will also accumulate the unparalleled capability on green manufacture, which will become a new driving force for growth in the next stage.



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