Horizon Sales Celebrates 30 Years

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Horizon Sales is pleased to announce its 30th year in business. The company continues to invest in its growing team and resources to provide world-class service to its customers.

Horizon Industrial Systems, Inc. (DBA Horizon Sales) was incorporated in January 1991. Through providing state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to its customers, Horizon helps them to achieve best-in-class status in their respective markets. Horizon Sales represents the mid-western states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, Illinois, Eastern Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida.  

Dave Trail, President of Horizon Sales commented: “It seems hard to believe that it has been 30 years already!  In that time so many good things have happened to us as a company and to me personally.  The industry has grown and matured and during this time, the assembly, soldering, cleaning and testing of SMT has gone from a formidable challenge by even the most experienced engineers to an everyday occurrence practiced by both new and old users of the processes and materials. And even though this maturation of the basic assembly process has occurred; every day we seem to uncover new ways of doing things and specialized requirements that are presented to us by our customers and friends.”

Horizon Sales has grown from a one-man operation to an entire group of people covering multiple states, with two separate facilities for the storage and distribution of materials, equipment and supplies used in the SMT industry. Trail adds, “As a company we’ve learned the necessity of being responsive to our customers ever changing needs and how to adapt to the demands of technology and the business cycles that occur in a technology driven industry. The staff at Horizon are absolutely looking forward to the next 30 years!”

The company continues to stay a step ahead of the technology curve so that when the time is appropriate for its customers to rise to the next level in their technology and manufacturing skill set, Horizon Sales is there and fully prepared to offer the solutions that they will need. The team at Horizon takes great pride in its ability to maintain a strong customer base as a well as the stability and longevity of its core product lines.



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