1 Click SMT Launches High Flexibility, High Production Selective Soldering Machine in North America

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1 Click SMT Technology Co., ltd is pleased to offer the MAS-i2 inline selective soldering machine to the North American market after 50+ successful installations in Asia. 

The MAS-i2 has a three-section conveyor system: fluxing, preheating and soldering. While one board is soldering, another is preheating and a third board is fluxing, saving time and enhancing production.

The MAS-i2 can equip two fluxer valves, either two of the same valve or two different valves. For example, two drop jet valves enable customers to double production, or one drop jet valve and one micro-spray valve enable the use of two different fluxes simultaneously.

The preheating zone features hot air convection at the top and IR preheating at the bottom, ensuring that PCBs get enough preheating before soldering. Meanwhile, the soldering section has top IR preheating to maintain the board’s temperature during the soldering process.

For soldering, the system is equipped with two individual solder pots in two individual Z-axis. The soldering area can accommodate PCBs up to 450 W x 508 mm L (18 x 20") for two nozzles individually, or 235 W x 508 mm L (9.25 x 20") for two parallel nozzles. As a result, customers can program the system to use only one solder pump, two simultaneously to double the speed, or one solder pump with a larger nozzle first and then another solder pump with a smaller nozzle.

This is a huge benefit if a customer uses two types of flux and two different types of solder for their customers – they don't need to waste time on changing the flux in the tank, cleaning the flux nozzle, changing the flux valve, changing the solder pot, waiting for the solder to melt, calibrating solder pot position, etc. 

1 Click SMT is a machine manufacturing and distribution company. The company provides customers worldwide with a one-stop SMT solution using China’s 30 years of electrical industry experience to provide quality products at a competitive price.

1 Click SMT manufactures selective soldering, wave soldering and PCB handling equipment under the Sasinno brand. The brand stands for “Smart and Steady Innovation.” For other equipment, such as AOI, reflow ovens, conformal coating, dispensing, printers, SPI, odd insertion, etc., 1 Click SMT has an experienced engineering team to source and qualify these machines.

1 Click SMT has established a strong worldwide distribution channel. The company has well-trained engineers to support its customers in any location.



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