Enics Schweiz to Start Consultation About Structural Changes in Turgi Site

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Enics Schweiz AG has invited its employee representatives to a consultation to discuss about substantial structural changes. Possible impact up would touch up to 125 employees in Enics Schweiz AG operations. 

Enics Schweiz AG, operating out of Enics Turgi performance center has been an important part of Enics history since the founding of the company in 2004, providing deep expertise, strong customer relationship and contribution in development of Enics global network.

“The ongoing developments in the electronics manufacturing market are driving for consolidation and optimization of global footprint. With the changes in industries and service business models, we need to act and adapt Enics operations to continuously serve our customers and partners in the best way,” says Enics President and CEO Elke Eckstein.

Over the past years, the market developments have increased the pressure on competitiveness of Enics Swiss operations, calling for significant actions. Based on the initial plan, Enics would transfer majority of the production from Enics Turgi site to other Enics manufacturing sites. At the same time there would be a need for substantial reduction of the headcount of Enics Turgi site, impacting up to 125 employees by the end of the year 2022. Enics has invited its employee representatives to a consultation on 23rd March 2021. The consultation period will end earliest on 19th April 2021.

Enics plans to be strongly present in Central Europe also in the future, with a business development center located in Switzerland. The center is planned to focus on engineering consulting, obsolescence management, product care, and business development services, providing easy access to Enics global network and turnkey services. “Enics wants to serve our European customers, and in particular the German-speaking markets, with Central European presence also in the future,” Eckstein assures.



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