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We just can’t seem to keep the supply chain out of the news, now can we? In the April 2021 issue of SMT007 Magazine, we once again take a firm hold on the supply chain. We investigate how to manage the reliability and the quality in your supply chain. We question typical thinking about suppliers and criteria for success, and we ask what sort of skills your supply chain manager should possess. After this issue, you should be able to throw another loop of chain around the capstan and deliver more meaningful leverage to keep your own supply chain from going sideways.

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Suggested Items

Driving Down Cost in the Supply Chain

04/08/2021 | Meghan Zou, EPOCH
Driving cost out of the supply chain goes beyond reduction of raw material cost. Though many of the manufacturers today concentrate on negotiation with their raw material supplier(s) the hidden cost of internal supply chain goes undetected. To address the cost of the entire supply chain we should not only look at direct material cost but also the cost of internal supply chain. At Epoch we looked at four areas in particular which include: planning/tracking, storage/delivery, inventory management, and supplier relationships.

What Makes a Great Supply Chain Manager?

04/05/2021 | Timothy McLean, TXM Lean Solutions
Building a competitive and reliable supply chain is a critical success factor for any manufacturing business. This is especially true today, where we face constant volatility and disruption across global supply chains. In this environment, effective supply chain leadership is more critical than ever. So, what makes a great supply chain manager?

10 Ways to Identify Counterfeit ICs

04/02/2021 | Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
How about a little refresher on some of the most effective techniques for component inspection using X-ray? While other visual inspection techniques provide important insight into component quality and authenticity, nothing exceeds X-ray inspection for fast, accurate, non-destructive evaluation. The following are 10 ways to identify a fake IC using X-ray.

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