CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY, PCD&F Announce 2021 NPI Award Winners

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CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY and PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN AND FAB announced the 2021 New Product Introduction Award winners for electronics assembly equipment, materials, software, and PCB fabrication.

The 14th annual NPI Awards recognize leading new products during the past 12 months. An independent panel of practicing industry engineers selected the recipients.

The winners are:

  • Accu-Assembly - Component Storage (Accu-Stock)
  • Accu-Assembly - Labeling Equipment (AccuID)
  • Anda Technologies USA - Dispensing Equipment (iCoat-6)
  • ASM Assembly Systems - Training Materials (ASM Academy Digital Training)
  • Brady Corporation - Automation Tools (ALF19-XS Label Feeder)
  • BTU International - Soldering – Reflow (Health Check Services)
  • ECD - Selective Soldering Tools and Accessories (SelectiveRIDER)
  • Elsyca - Plating (Elsyca CuBE)             
  • EVS International - Soldering – Alternative (EVS 18KLF)
  • Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas - Component Placement – High-Speed (Decan S1)
  • Henkel Corporation - Thermal Interface Materials (Bergquist microTIM mTIM 1000)
  • Indium - Cored Wire (CW-232)
  • Juki Automation Systems - Soldering – Selective (iCube HighFlex)
  • Koh Young America - Software – Process Control (KSMART)
  • Kyzen - Cleaning Materials (Aquanox A4382 OA)
  • MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions - Soldering Materials (Alpha OM-372)
  • MIRTEC - Test and Inspection – AOI (MV-6Z Omni)
  • Omron - Test and Inspection – SPI (CKD VP9000)
  • SelecTech - ESD (FreeStyle ESD Plus)
  • Viscom - Test and Inspection – AXI (iX7059)

The awards were presented during a virtual ceremony. 

“The competition was fierce, and the judges found some of the categories very difficult to decide,” said Mike Buetow, editor-in-chief of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY and PCD&F. “Clearly suppliers spent their year in Covid purgatory in a productive manner.”



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