PRIDE Industries Hosts COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for People with Disabilities

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PRIDE Industries is partnering with Safeway and the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for people with disabilities. Eligible individuals were able to receive their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on April 24 at PRIDE Industries’ corporate offices in Roseville, Calif.  A second dose will be administered on May 15.

People with disabilities often face significant barriers to receiving vaccinations. Transportation may not be available, or a site may not be fully accessible. In addition, Websites are not always easy to navigate, making it harder to obtain information or make an appointment. For these reasons, PRIDE Industries joined the effort to create a vaccination clinic specifically for people with disabilities and their families.

“We are pleased to partner with PRIDE Industries and Safeway on this vaccination outreach effort,” said California Department of Rehabilitation Director Joe Xavier. “Throughout the pandemic, our administration has made health equity a priority across the state. We want to ensure that people from high-risk populations have access to the vaccine. I encourage the DOR consumers whom we serve and all eligible members of the disability community to register for this vaccination clinic and help California make COVID a thing of the past.”

Safeway pharmacy staff from Roseville, Calif., will be administering the Pfizer vaccines.

“Throughout the pandemic, the communities we serve have trusted our pharmacy teams to play a critical role in maintaining their health and wellness,” said Narayanan Ramachandran, Director of Pharmacy for Safeway. “We are proud to partner with PRIDE Industries to administer the vaccine safely and efficiently.”

As the nation’s leading employer of people with disabilities, PRIDE Industries wanted to protect its employees, their families, and other people with disabilities in the community. The company has hosted two previous clinics where over 900 people received vaccinations.

“Localized vaccine clinics bridge the vaccine gap by reaching underserved members of our communities,” said Dawn Horwath, Director of Rehabilitation Services at PRIDE Industries. “Collaborating with state agencies to reach individuals with disabilities and their families was something we knew was needed.”

PRIDE Industries hopes to vaccinate hundreds of local people with disabilities from the Department of Rehabilitation, other local agencies and its own staff.


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