Enics to Transfer Manufacturing from Switzerland to Other Enics Sites in Europe

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After 6-week consultations with employee unions are concluded, Enics announces the decision to transfer manufacturing from Enics Turgi site in Switzerland to other Enics sites in Europe, and to establish a Business Development Center in Switzerland, focusing on Central and West European markets.

The Swiss electronics manufacturing company Enics announces its operations in Switzerland are changing significantly during the next year: Enics Schweiz AG that operates a manufacturing site in Turgi will in the future focus on Business Development and customer service for especially German-speaking markets and Central and West European markets. The manufacturing operations at Enics Turgi will be transferred to other Enics sites in Europe, especially to the Enics site in Västerås, Sweden.

This decision is announced after Enics Switzerland concluded consultation with employee representatives and unions. The transfer of manufacturing impacts the jobs of up to 110 Enics Turgi employees, by mid-2022.

“Enics Turgi employees form an extremely committed team with high degree of expertise, and for many years Enics Turgi has been an essential part of Enics network of manufacturing sites. However, over the recent years the markets have changed to a direction that drives for larger manufacturing units, and this forces also Enics to optimize our footprint in Europe.

Even with the change in Enics’ operations in Switzerland, Enics continues to be headquartered in Zurich, and we see Switzerland as the best location for our Business Development and Customer Service Hub for the Central and West European markets” says Enics President and CEO Elke Eckstein.


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