Ekobot Selected Scanfil as an Industrialisation Partner

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Ekobot AB develops Autonomous Field Robots for Mechanical Weed Control. Ekobot robots significantly reduce the need for chemical control of weed with herbicides i.e., weed killers. It helps farmers to reduce the chemical load of the environment and manual workload.

For the industrialisation of their flagship product, Ekobot Gen III, they selected Scanfil as their partner. 

”We looked carefully into potential design and manufacturing partners and selected Scanfil Åtvidaberg due to their strong track-record in industrialisation processes,” says Erik Jonuks, CEO of Ekobot. ”We believe that with Scanfil we can grow into a global leader of robotised mechanical weed control systems.”

At the moment, there is an increasing demand worldwide for robotised mechanical weed control systems. Ekobot estimates that the market will grow 34.5% per annum and exceeding 20.5 billion USD in 2025.

”Scanfil offers a full range of services from product design to manufacturing,” says Bertil Alm, Sales Manager at Scanfil Åtvidaberg. ”We are now working closely together to have the product fulfilling the market needs in a cost-optimized way. Now, the next step is to take this brilliant product into industrialisation and mass production. Together we can make food production even more sustainable and reduce the physical workload of farming.”

Sustainability is high on the agenda for both companies: Ekobot making food production more sustainable and Scanfil making manufacturing processes even more sustainable than ever.


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