HANZA Develops Its Operations in Sweden

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HANZA Holding AB (publ) sees a continued good market development and expands its operations in Sweden with investments of approx. SEK 25 million and a strengthened technology section.

HANZA offers product manufacturing through six manufacturing clusters. In order to meet a good sales development, an expansion of manufacturing cluster Sweden is carried out, including investments and the opening of a new technology department.

In mechanics, an investment package is implemented, that includes machines for bending and welding of sheet metal, to a total of approx. 18 MSEK.

In electronics, HANZA this week opens a new coating department of approx. 200 sqm. Three fully automated lines for coating and bonding have been installed, with which HANZA can offer circuit boards for tough environments as part of its manufacturing concept. Additionally, HANZA invests in further surface mounting machines to a total of approx. 7 MSEK.

"The pandemic has highlighted the disadvantage of using several manufacturers who delivers separate parts of the product," says Erik Stenfors, CEO of HANZA. “Now product companies are experiencing an increase in volume, and flexibility in the manufacturing chain will be a competitive advantage. HANZA offers this through complete and regional manufacturing.”


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